Selling? Let us Help!

Services Provided to a Seller

When selling your home we can provide you with up to date information on what’s happening in the Market Place, Real Estate Values, Financing Options, Terms and Conditions of competing properties.

If you are considering selling your home without the assistance of a Real Estate Professional, please read the below reasons of why you should reconsider:

  • Potential Buyers may drop in at anytime! There could be security issues of just letting anyone enter your home.
  • Your targeted buyers maybe limited.
  • Advertisement cost can become expensive. Do you know how to effectively market your property?
  • Do you know how to price your property correctly?
  • Are you familiar with the different financial programs available to potential buyers? You may enter an agreement with hidden cost to the seller at closing time!
  • The Sales Purchase Agreement and preparation of all forms are your responsibility!

Selling your home is not as easy as it looks! Why put yourself through all the worries and liabilities. Contact us and take advantage of all our experience and expertise!  We’re here to help!